What is Divorce Mediation?

Division of marital assets and Liabilities

We identify and value all marital assets and liabilities, and then negotiate who gets what

Time Sharing of the minor children

Time Sharing of the children is spelled out in a detailed parenting plan which we draft for you. In it, you and your spouse can clarify exactly who will get the children when, how they will be picked up dropped off, who will be responsible for medical care, etc.


A monetary allowance made to one spouse by the other. It is intended to aid the spouse who earns less in the transition from married to single. Alimony depends on a number of factors and we help you get to a number and length of time we can all agree on.

Child support

Through mediation, we can ensure the children come first by providing accurate and fair child support calculations.

Easy to use our online system to mediate

Convenient night and weekend times so you don’t have to rearrange your life or miss work

Thoroughly drafted agreements

Constant, accessible communication with Dori

Save thousands of dollars, no hidden fees

Complete confidentiality

all documents e-filed for you

never step foot in a courtroom

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