Divorce Mediation in Florida

Going through a dissolution of marriage through a legal court trial can be quite taxing, not just financially but emotionally and physically as well. Divorce Mediation in Florida is the most preferred alternative dispute resolution process to negotiate a divorce settlement. This is where we step in. Divorce Mediation is an unbiased process that focuses on achieving an agreeable solution to P-E-A-C-E between the two parties.


arenting Issues (Custody and Parental Responsibility) – We draft a detailed parenting plan that includes the time allocated to both parties. Here, you can define who gets the children for how much time and when.


quitable Distribution of Assets and Debts – We identify and value all marital assets & liabilities after which we start the mediation sessions wherein we negotiate who gets what.


limony is the monetary allowance given to one spouse by the other helping them sustain themselves during the transition phase. Our job is to help both of you reach an agreement on the amount and the time period for which you will need to pay this allowance.


hild Support – We believe very strongly that children should not bear the brunt of divorce trauma. This is why, through mediation, we provide fair and accurate solutions for child support.


verything Else

Divorce Harmony

Dori Shwirtz

Licensed Attorney, Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator and Divorce Coach

Why Should You Go For Divorce Mediation in Florida?

Divorce Mediation helps most couples come to a mutual solution to a divorce settlement, skipping the ugly court trials and incessant expenditure on divorce attorneys. Going for a Florida Divorce Mediation can be beneficial for you as well as your spouse in the following ways –

  • More economical than a court trial.

  • Unbiased solution for both parties.

  • 100% confidential.

  • Statistics show that when two parties have the right to make their own agreement, they are more likely to see the agreement through to the end, unlike in a case where the judge decides for them.

  • It helps you avoid future conflicts by improving your communication with a mediator’s help.

Florida Divorce Mediation Process


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Fees and Plans

Contact us for flat fee NO COURT APPEARANCE divorce. All documents drafted, full service e-filing with the court, divorce in 30 days. Hourly Fee Available Upon Request For Mediation Services


  • Marital settlement agreement

  • Parenting Plan

  • Up to Five hours of mediation

  • Unlimited Calls, Emails and Texts

  • All divorce papers drafted and E-filed

  • No Court Appearance, Receive Final Judgment in the mail

  • *Price includes any Court filing fees


  • Marital settlement agreement

  • Up to Four hours of mediation

  • Unlimited Calls, Emails and Texts

  • All divorce papers drafted and E-filed

  • No Court Appearance, Receive Final Judgment in the mail

  • *Price includes any Court filing fees


  • Parenting Plan

  • Three hours of mediation

  • Constant communication with Dori

  • Unlimited Calls, Emails and Texts

  • No court appearance

  • Child support calculations worksheet


  • Modification

  • Three hours of mediation

  • Constant communication with Dori

  • Unlimited Calls, Emails and Texts

  • All relevant documents drafted

  • No court appearance

Divorce Mediation Tips

Q. How will a mediator help me?

A Divorce Mediator is a neutral third party that is professionally trained to help couples come to an agreeable solution for the dissolution of marriage and the distribution of assets thereafter. A few tasks undertaken by a mediator are –

  • Help you avoid court altogether, saving you thousands of dollars on a court trial.
  • Facilitating uninterrupted communication between you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse.
  • Providing legal information relevant to your case.
  • Conducting fair discussions on spousal and/or child support.
  • Identifying agreeable alternatives to solving issues.
  • Write professionally-drafted legally enforceable settlement agreements.
Q. Do I have to be worried about the dissemination of my personal information?

Everything discussed in a divorce mediation session is 100% confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone else except the two parties involved.

Q. How do the legal court documents get filed?

We take care of all the legal paperwork starting with the dissolution of marriage action to preparing and filing all the necessary documents thereafter.

Q. How long does the process of mediation last?

Since there is no restriction of following the court’s calendar, the time taken to resolve the case depends entirely on the two parties involved. The process can be completed as quickly as possible.

Q. Will the agreement be binding?

The agreement prepared at the end of the mediation process is binding. Once the agreement is signed by both parties, it will be enforceable.

Q. What if we are not able to agree on all the issues?

The possibilities of not reaching a resolution are few and far between. Couples are able to resolve most of their issues during the mediation sessions. However, in the case of unresolved issues, both parties can decide to litigate the remaining issues or take more time to think about them and then come back to mediation if required.

Q. What is the right time to go for divorce mediation?

As soon as you decide to get your marriage dissolved, consult a divorce mediator in Florida to get a quick solution for the distribution of assets & debts, as well as child custody, instead of spending thousands of dollars on a court trial.

Q. Who will pay for the divorce mediation sessions?

Ideally, both parties should split the cost of the mediation sessions equally. However, often one party ends up paying most or all of the cost depending upon the negotiated settlement.

Q. Can I have a family member sit-in for the divorce mediation sessions?

Legally, neither party has any right to bring a family member for any mediation session throughout the process. In case you want to bring someone along, you need to seek permission from your spouse beforehand. However, if the mediator feels that the family member is hindering the process, they can be asked to leave.


Divorce Harmony has always been an entirely virtual divorce service. Our system has been in place for years so rest assured your online divorce will be handled seamlessly and professionally.  Mediations and coaching are all online using the latest technology and your divorce papers will be drafted and e-filed. Our customers never go to court. Receive your final judgement in the mail. Truly divorce from home. Be safe and we are here for all your mediation and divorce filing needs.

Save time and money with the online method and now stay safe and healthy too.