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Divorce Mediation in Miami

Going through a divorce is taxing as it is. Why deal with extended court trials and pile on to the stress you are already experiencing. With our Divorce Mediation services in Miami, you can now get a divorce online easily, without the need to go to court. Divorce Mediation is an impartial process that is focussed on attaining a mutually consenting solution to parenting issues, equitable distribution of assets, alimony, child support, and everything else corresponding to a divorce. Or, as we’d like to call it, P-E-A-C-E between you and your ex-spouse.

Divorce Mediation in Miami? Think Divorce Harmony

Are you looking to get divorced in Miami without burning a hole in your pocket? You’ve come to the right place. With our online divorce mediation services, you can now settle your divorce peacefully and easily within the comfort of your own home. At Divorce Harmony, we strongly believe in achieving a consensual resolution to your divorce settlement through divorce mediation sessions that offer an unbiased solution.

Going for Divorce Mediation can benefit you as well as your spouse in the following ways –

  • Much cheaper than a court trial.

  • Impartial solution for both parties.

  • 100% confidential.

  • Avoid any future conflicts by improving your communication with your ex-spouse with the help of a mediator’s help. Statistics show that when two parties have the right to make their own agreement, they are more likely to see the agreement through to the end, unlike in a case where the judge decides for them.

  • Statistics suggest that when two parties have the freedom to make their own decisions, they will most likely see it through to the end; unlike in a case where a judge decides for you.


Q. How will divorce mediation help me?

We are very neutral when it comes to our mediation process. Regardless of your case, we always aim at providing you with an unbiased solution to your divorce settlement. Plus, you save a lot more with our divorce mediation sessions than you would in a court trial. Here’s a brief overview of some of the things we do for you –

Avoid court trials altogether. Save thousands of dollars with us instead.
We ensure uninterrupted communication between you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse.
If you want, we can guide you on the legalities of your case as well.
Through fair discussions, we provide agreeable solutions to spousal and/or child support clauses in your divorce settlement.
We also help you identify agreeable alternatives to solving your divorce-related issues.
We even draft all your legal documents with the court so you don’t have to skip your everyday appointments.

Q. Do I have to be worried about the dissemination of my personal information?

You don’t have to be worried about anything. We keep all your information 100% confidential, strictly limited to just you and your ex-spouse.

Q. Do I have to file the documents with the court myself?

Everything, from the dissolution of marriage action to preparation & filing of documents is all done by us.

Q. How long will it take for me to get a divorce through the process of divorce mediation?

When going through the court’s process of getting a divorce, you might be bound by the court’s calendar. Whereas with us, you decide how much time you want to spend on divorce mediation. It depends entirely on how soon you and your ex-spouse can come to an agreement.

If you’re looking for a faster alternative for an uncontested divorce near Miami, you can even go for our Divorce-in-a-Day package in which we file all the legal documents with the Broward County Court on your behalf. Once the paperwork is approved, all you have to do is visit the court and collect the final judgment.

Q. Will the agreement be enforceable?

We draft the agreement only after both parties are satisfied with the solution attained at the end of the divorce mediation sessions. This will ensure that the said agreement will definitely be binding.

Q. What if we are not able to agree on all the issues?

While the possibilities of not reaching a resolution are few and far between, most couples are able to resolve most of their issues during the divorce mediation sessions. However, in case you have any unresolved issues, you can choose to litigate the remaining issues or take more time to think about them and then come back to mediation if you want to.

Q. What is the right time to go for divorce mediation?

As and when you decide to get a divorce, start your research on divorce mediation as well. Our Divorce Mediation in Miami service provides quick, unbiased solutions to all of your divorce-related issues without you losing thousands of dollars to court trials.

Q. Who will pay for the divorce mediation sessions?

In theory, both you and your ex-spouse should split the cost equally. However, depending on the negotiated settlement, either one of you could end up paying most or all of the cost.