If you are in Florida you can get divorced entirely online. We are one of the few places that offer full service drafting and filing of all your divorce papers and you never have to go to the courthouse. About 30 days after we file your case you will receive the final judgement of divorce in the mail. Please click on the applicable questionnaire to get started. Once submitted we receive immediately and after payment can get started. 


Divorce Harmony has always been an entirely virtual divorce service. Our system has been in place for years so rest assured your online divorce will be handled seamlessly and professionally.  Mediations and coaching are all online using the latest technology and your divorce papers will be drafted and e-filed. Our customers never go to court. Receive your final judgement in the mail. Truly divorce from home. Be safe and we are here for all your mediation and divorce filing needs.

Save time and money with the online method and now stay safe and healthy too.