Signs of Divorce

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Signs of Divorce

At the start of any marriage, there is a lot of joy and optimism and not much signs of divorce. But as time goes on, either you or
your partner may start to have doubts about the connection. You might be thinking of going your
separate ways, or you might even be there already. However, it can be quite difficult to draw the
line between trying to save a relationship and giving up. After all, regardless of how long you’ve
been married, you still invested a lot of your time, energy, and emotions into it. So how do you
know if it’s time to call it a day? Even though every situation is unique, there are some common
signs it might be time to divorce. That’s why we’ve consulted professionals in the field who
helped have a smooth divorce process, and here’s what we’ve found out.

The most common signs of divorce

Although no two marriages are the same, there are a few telltale signs that indicate you might
be headed for a breakup. This is especially true if you have already tried counseling, therapy, and
other forms of marital mediation but are still feeling judged, lonely, resentful, or distanced from
your partner.


A couple pointing fingers at each other during a heated argument signs of divorce

If you and your spouse argue a lot take it as one of the signs it might be time to divorce.

Always remember that making the difficult decision to end your marriage could positively
impact the lives of everyone involved, especially if your relationship reached the point of abuse.
But if you are not sure whether it’s time to file for a divorce, the following eight signs may show it might be
time to divorce and may help you make your decision easier.

#1 You no longer spend time together

One of the first signs that a marriage is headed for divorce is when the couple stops spending
time together. Maybe one partner likes to unwind with an evening of television while the other
prefers to surf the web. A surefire indicator of a future divorce is when the couple starts taking
separate vacations. Your marriage is in big trouble if being away from your partner makes you
feel relieved and at ease.

#2 Lack of intimacy

Another indicator of a troubled marriage is the lack of intimacy. Having a strong foundation of
intimacy is crucial for a happy marriage, and it’s the main thing that separates a romantic
relationship from a friendship. Even though there are bound to be dry spells and times when you
need your own space, if you truly can’t recall the last time you were intimate with your spouse, it
may be time to reevaluate the relationship. And if one partner craves closer physical contact
while their partner prefers more space, the resulting emotional estrangement can be devastating
to the relationship.

#3 Your relationship became toxic

Whenever the power balance in a relationship shifts in an unhealthy way, we call it a “toxic”
relationship. Toxic relationships can be emotionally, intellectually, or physically harmful. There
are plenty of examples of toxic relationships, such as controlling behaviors, patterns of
disrespect, or resentment. Or, let’s take codependency as an example – one person is making their
relationship more important than anything else, even their own well-being. An especially
dangerous combination is codependency and addiction, as they can occur together.

#4 Lack of proper communication

Effective communication is the cornerstone of a happy marriage. You need genuine
conversation in which you can freely share your thoughts and feelings without fear of being
judged. When bills, the weather, and trash day become the sole topics of conversation, it’s a sure indication of divorce.  But before filing for a divorce, try working on your
communication and discussing things you love and enjoy.


Man holding a woman and yelling at her during a heated argument signs of divorce

If your partner is showing any abusive behavior, it might be time to talk to your lawyer.

#5 Your priorities are somewhere else

Your priority in life should be your spouse. Many unhappy couples put other priorities (such as
kids, work, or friends) above their relationship. After a while, married couples essentially
become roommates, sharing household duties while leading separate lives. When you prioritize
everyone and everything else over the things that truly matter, you risk losing sight of what is
really important to you. That’s why it’s important to dedicate time only to your spouse. Just being
conscious of what matters most to you is a necessary first step in finding a solution.

#6 Lack of trust

The person you marry is meant to be one of the few individuals you can put your whole faith in
during your entire life. A lack of trust makes it difficult to feel safe and secure in any
relationship, including a marriage. Infidelity, dishonesty, and disrespectful conduct are only a
few of the many causes of a trust deficit. Constantly doubting your partner or having problems
believing what they say is not a healthy indicator.

#7 You feel like you’ve lost yourself.

For some people, relationships are all-consuming. Being with your lover is initially intoxicating.
But as time passes, you may begin to feel like you no longer recognize yourself. You no longer
take care of yourself or engage in things you formerly enjoyed. Or, perhaps, you feel that your
kids are the only reason you're still with your partner. Always be true to who you are, even
when you’re in a relationship. Relationship issues, and even divorce, can result when one loses
their sense of self.

#8 One of you wasn’t faithful

Getting a divorce may be an option if you or your spouse are unfaithful. The act of cheating can
be either physical or psychological. Technology has made it much easier to cheat on a partner,
with methods like texting and online dating becoming commonplace. Despite the fact that some marriages can get back on track after an affair, the vast majority do not. So, if you discovered
your spouse’s infidelity, you might want to talk to a lawyer about your legal options, including
divorce and legal separation.


Couple sitting on a couch next to each other, visibly upset signs of divorce

If one of you was unfaithful, it could be tough to overcome this and rebuild a trustworthy relationship.

Wrapping up

In case you recognize any of the signs of divorce it might be time to divorce, don’t ignore them but pluck up
the courage to have that difficult conversation with your spouse. We won’t lie, it won’t be easy,
but if you make sure to contact professionals in divorce mediation, you’ll make the entire process
easier for both you and your kids (if you have any). They’ll not only ensure your divorce is
quick, but it will also be cheaper and, most importantly, much less stressful.


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