Self Help: Can This Be Taught?

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Self-Help Can This Be Taught?

Self-Help Can This Be Taught?

Self Help

Very often I’ll get inquires from potential clients that are somewhat interested in mediating their divorce or paternity issues. Self-help, rather than litigation seems like an attractive option for them. We have a nice chat but then they explain why they can’t mediate. I get the usual: they don’t communicate well, there’s lots of screaming, they don’t get along, they mistrust each other, etc, etc. While I appreciate and understand their difficult situations, I don’t get why they think these should be reasons why they shouldn’t mediate.

In fact, the above “reasons” are why they should self-help and mediate! Since they don’t get along, why would they want to go the litigation/attorney route which tends to embolden any existing conflict? Problems communicating? Good luck with two adversarial attorneys speaking for the parties. Any kind of semblance of communication will vanish with this approach. And the kicker-trust issues.  Attorney litigated divorce is the perfect environment in which to nurture paranoia.

At Divorce Harmony, we have the skills to curtail that conflict and rebuild trust in the relationship. We specialize in forming a rapport with the parties and understanding what each of their interests are. Even in the most difficult of cases, this can be achieved.

Don’t assume that your ex won’t be amenable to trying mediation. You will never know unless you engage and actually ask. Self-help may be in fact be the right solution for both of you. And above all else, it doesn’t hurt to try it out because you have much more to gain than to lose. A litigated divorce is not something to take lightly.

For the smart self-help approach of mediation, please contact divorceharmony.com. Now offering full-service filing as well, making your divorce truly the most convenient it can be! Give us a call today for your 30-minute free consultation.

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