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Divorce Consultation

Divorce Consultation


Here at Divorce Harmony, we offer a free consultation so potential clients can understand what we offer and if our services are right for them. It’s important to ask the right questions so I will attempt to explain what usually transpires in a typical consultation. First, I offer the consultation free because I look at it as an opportunity for both of us to determine if we are a good fit and I need to make sure that the case is appropriate for mediation or divorce coaching.

Divorce Consultation

Divorce Consultation


The consultation is virtual like all of our services here at Divorce Harmony so we can schedule at your convenience and can be done from anywhere from the beach to the carpool line or your company’s break room.


The most common question I usually get is how long will the mediation or divorce coaching take. This is an “it depends” kind of question. I have had one-hour mediations and I’ve had mediations that have lasted 6 months. The same with divorce coaching. Sometimes a client needs assistance with one particular issue and once we’ve resolved that, their coaching journey is no longer needed. Alternatively, some coaching clients do not have a particular focus and may need more generalized guidance.


Another issue that should be discussed is cost. We have a very transparent pricing system here with no hidden fees and ridiculous retainers. There is an hourly fee for mediation, coaching, and drafting of documents. BUT we do not charge for every phone call or email. We also offer packages. This gives you the opportunity to decide if the pricing works for you.

Divorce Consultation

Divorce Consultation


In the consultation, I will discuss my methodologies for mediation or coaching and see if it is in line with what you are looking for. Ultimately, I think it always comes down to whether you feel comfortable with me as a mediator or coach. Do you feel like I can be a neutral, professional third party in your mediation or a supportive, available, savvy, motivational coach in your divorce journey? Please contact divorceharmony.com for more information.

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