Cheap Divorce Lawyer

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Cheap Divorce Lawyer

Cheap Divorce Lawyer

Speaking to many individuals going through a divorce, one of their main concerns is finding a cheap divorce lawyer.  You have to be careful because inexpensive isn’t necessarily better quality. You want to get the entire package. Someone who is an expert in their field, you get along with and they don’t charge an arm and a leg. Considering the average cost of a divorce in Florida is well over $15,000 this can be a challenging task.

Divorce is one of the most financially and difficult situations an individual will ever have to face, so it’s important that even in an emotional state you are able to make smart decisions when it pertains to your finances.

First Steps

It’s important to weed out the attorneys that are just too expensive. Don’t even look at them because their fees will be over the top. First focus on individuals that have free consultations and are budget conscious-that will get you in the door at least.

Insist on Transparency 

Much like medical insurance, attorney’s fees can be confusing and not transparent. You may find yourself quite surprised at the bills and what they actually charge for. Before you sign that retainer, go over everything they will charge you for. Will they charge for every email and every phone call? Focus on the lawyers who offer affordable, realistic services.

Payment Plans

Find out if a payment plan is permitted. Often times a payment plan can make the experience more manageable. If you have to pay an initial hefty retainer instead of a cheap initial payment, it may make things much more difficult.

Seek Alternatives

Many paralegals and others are taking over what used to only be an attorney’s domain. They are able to provide almost the same service and at a much lower cost. If you are basically in agreement with your ex, or you think you can get to an agreement, this road may be the smart choice. An inexpensive legal expert may be great, but if you can hire a different kind of professional for even less that can get the job done it’s probably a no-brainer.

Do Your Research

Before deciding on a lawyer, make sure to check out their reputation. This includes looking at their online profile and asking around for other people’s experiences. Additionally, do they have good knowledge of the laws? A more experienced attorney that knows about the ins and outs of the divorce process may be best. Last, and probably most important use your instincts about this professional. Are you comfortable speaking with them? Do they seem to make themselves accessible to you? And do you like their style of doing things so much that you would be happy with them advocating for you?

In conclusion, a low-cost lawyer is something that can definitely be attained as long as certain steps are followed. Of course, there are also quality alternatives that exist as well. Reach out to divorceharmony.com today to learn more about how we can assist you in your divorce.


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