Why Is Getting Divorced So Expensive??

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Expensive Divorce

Why so Expensive?

Why is it so expensive to get divorced?  Well, think about why you’re getting divorced in the first place. It’s usually because of some form of lack of communication, lack of trust, and/or loss of respect for your spouse. Now, how do you go about divorcing peacefully when you have these major issues with this person? Is it possible to get divorced without the melodrama and avoid the big expense?

What actually goes down in a divorce proceeding? How much is emotional and how much is the stuff that needs to be put down on paper to finalize the thing? A major majority is an emotional bomb and only a small percentage is the actual meat and potatoes of the divorce proceeding.

Expensive Divorce

How to Utilize Your Attorney

For many getting divorced, this will be the first time they are dealing with a lawyer. They do not realize how much the hourly fees add up to. They spend the first few months just fighting and then they drain all of their savings on what is essentially nonsense and do not have anything left to actually solve the problem and come to an agreement.

They don’t know how to utilize the lawyer and the lawyers are not telling them this! Much of divorcing couples’ problems should be addressed by other professionals whether that be a divorce coach, mediator, and/or therapist. The legal system is not equipped to handle these circumstances.

Expensive Divorce


Many people still aren’t aware of their options to avoid an expensive divorce. And by expensive, I don’t just mean money. I’m talking about precious time that we only have so much of, your children’s well-being, and your mental and physical health.

By utilizing professionals other than your divorce attorney, you can learn to come to a resolution with your ex in a more intelligent way allowing you both to get those meat and potatoes and move on in a more graceful less expensive way. Please contact divorceharmony.com for assistance with this.

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