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Value Mediation

Value Mediation

What is the value of divorce mediation? How is it different than going the familiar route of using a divorce attorney? What can I get out of it? Uncovering the many benefits and the value of using mediation is something that I try to explain every day.

First and foremost, I’m here to help and guide couples through what is likely one of the worst periods of their lives. My mission is to make things as uncomplicated as possible. When looking for a professional to guide you through the process, this is a crucial trait. I will not do unnecessary things to drive up to my fee. Making the process streamlined and stress-free is of the utmost importance.  Having happy clients that save money and retain their sanity and well-being is the ultimate value.

At my company, Divorce Harmony we help you navigate through the many hurdles in divorce and/or child support challenges. We are here to draft comprehensive marital settlement agreements, parenting plans and assist with any other forms or procedures. In other words, providing the value that you seek. Things can seem overwhelming with all of the different forms and rules but we can truly simplify it and explain everything in a way that everybody can process and understand.

Additionally, we keep you out of court for as much as possible because we mediate and settle most, if not all issues outside of court. Nobody wants to be in court. It is stressful and most of the time does not solve any problems when it comes to family situations. We want you to decide your own future! Besides, in court, if you and your spouse are at complete odds this doesn’t mean the Judge will pick one of your sides and we will have one “winner”. The Judge could decide to go in a completely different direction and both you and your ex may end up the “losers”. Where is the value in that?

To learn more about Divorce Harmony and how we conduct divorce mediation please contact us: divorceharmony.com  for your free consultation

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