Financial Cheating

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Financial Cheating

How common is it for spouses to keep financial secrets from each other? This form of “cheating” is actually very common and is growing nationwide according to recent research. I can attest to this since many of my divorce clients number one issue is with their finances in one form or the other.

Communication is key and financial cheating occurs because of a breakdown in normal, healthy communication with your spouse. What is the reason for this lack of a partnership? That is really the question to ask. There is usually an underlying issue leading to the financial cheating.

While financial infidelity may be different than sexual infidelity it still carries the same feelings of mistrust. Your partner has deceived in a profound way. Financial cheating encompasses acquiring secret credit cards, running up debt, stashing cash secretly and borrowing money.

The mistrust associated with this particular type of cheating can easily lead to the erosion of marriage as the partners will constantly question the others actions leading to a vicious cycle of harm.

Sometimes couples keep things from each other to avoid conflict. Money is a subject many people do not like to talk about. It is stressful and some people use it as a measure of what kind of person they are. If they are not doing well financially they may feel down on themselves and they do not want their spouse to view them in that manner.

It’s important to look out for the signs of financial cheating. These can be unexplained charges on credit card or bank statements, sudden stacks of cash, missing money from joint accounts, and finding expensive purchases hidden around the home.

If you have questions about financial cheating please reach out to divorceharmony.com. Even with this infidelity it is still possible to have a decent divorce that is affordable and fast.

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