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Divorce is War! Or is it?

Divorce is war! In war, there is inevitably a winner and loser. Who will get the kids, the money, the respect, the house? Parties fight it out bitterly so they can be the ones to come out on top and their ex on the bottom.
How long will it take for you to achieve victory? One year? Two? Five??
How much money (otherwise known as your child’s college tuition or your trip to Tahiti) wasted?
How much harm and stress are caused to your children? On that note click on this article and read number 8 for more info: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/18/fashion/weddings/11-questions-to-ask-before-getting-a-divorce.html

Perhaps your hard-fought win isn’t what it seemed. In the race to beat your ex, you both may end up the biggest losers.

Happy Family

Now, doesn’t this look better? Happy kids AND happy parents. Everybody is a winner when you chose your children over “being right”. No matter what transpired in the marriage, you share the most important thing in the universe. Make it about the kids’ well-being. Put them first above your conflict. Work together even if it’s challenging. Celebrate all that you do have and be grateful for it all.

Yes, easier said than done but a proper mediation with a skilled facilitator will get you one step closer to a happy ending and winners all around. Visit divorceharmony.com to learn more.

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