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quick divorce online

Are you thinking about divorcing but may be overwhelmed by what’s in store? It is possible to get a quick divorce online. There are many companies offering this but few actually deliver. Think of the big websites that make promises but all they do is simply spit out computer generated-oftentimes incorrect papers. You are still left to go file those papers yourself. Not exactly an “online” divorce.

When we talk about virtual divorce we actually mean just that. The only thing you would have to leave your home for is to get the documents notarized. And even that service is now offered online or with a mobile notary. Upon payment, we guarantee all required papers will be emailed to you within 48 hours. Our quick turnaround is important to us because we know you are expecting a fast process.

Once the parties get their papers signed and notarized and scanned back to Divorce Harmony, we file all of your papers with the court ensuring a speedy process. Our clients never have to go to the courthouse to do this. Part of where we stand out is that we are with you from start to finish. Any questions need to be answered you can rest assured that they will be answered.

We strive to provide professional services that are available and affordable to everyone. You are getting an Attorney without their prohibitive prices.

About 30 days after filing, the parties will receive the final judgment in the mail. That judgment is the official notice of divorce and everything in the divorce is now legally enforceable. From start to finish the divorce journey can be swift and somewhat pleasant and it’s available all at the tip of your fingertips by simply going online to start your divorce. Contact us today to learn more.

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