Riding The Divorce Roller Coaster

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Divorce Roller Coaster

Who is a fan of roller coasters? The rise and fall, the anticipation, the feeling of freedom, the fear-all that and more bottled up in one thrilling ride. Is your divorce akin to riding a roller coaster? In many ways, yes.

While roller coasters can be lots of fun-the dips and peaks-typically folks going through a divorce would rather not deal with low dips. These dips can be devastating and cause major trauma. Even if you wanted the divorce, these feelings and emotions can get the best of you.

A great way to manage this uncharted territory is to realize that many people have come before you and have experienced the exact same emotions within the same timetable. In other words, there have been many passengers on the roller coaster.

Additionally, knowledge is power. Learning how to deal with a crisis and that it’s only temporary can do wonders for your state of mind. At Divorce Harmony we provide many resources so that you can become aware of the different stages of grief that typically accompany divorce. Whether it’s through our coaching program or referring one of our highly regarded therapists.

You may not be in control of how the roller coaster turns, but you can control your reaction to it. By controlling your reaction you can be proactive in your divorce. Make time to focus on your future and life moving forward.

Roller coasters can be thrilling and produce feelings of euphoria. Hopefully, your new life will also provide you with amazing new experiences and opportunities. In other words, take full advantage of the thrilling parts of the ride and prepare and know what to expect for the lower part of the ride.

For more information on how to deal with the roller coaster of divorce please contact us at: divorceharmony.com

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