Teddy The Dog

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Teddy The Dog

Teddy The Dog

Meet Teddy the dog.  Teddy is my 3-year-old Labradoodle. We have a love/hate relationship. He’s usually very mischievous. Examples of his naughtiness include: binge eating treats when we are not home,  devouring endless socks, barking incessantly at nothing, and the list could go on and on. I thought I was a dog person until we got Teddy. My eldest child begged and begged for this furry companion and I guess I had a moment of weakness and submitted.

That being said, Teddy the dog is a big old bundle of love. He cries sometimes because he cannot contain the love and devotion he has for us. That unconditional love is kinda nice, even though it comes with a lot of annoyances. At the end of the day, he just wants to be around us 24/7 and he’s the happiest guy ever.

If you had told me before I started my mediation practice, that Teddy the Dog would be the key to my success, I would have fainted. You see, I conduct most of my virtual mediations from my home office. Mr. Teddy has to be around me when I am in the house. Whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom, wherever. This also means he insists on hanging in the office with me. If I don’t let him in, he cries and barks. See the picture below of how Teddy typically spends his days. Not too bad!

Teddy the dog's usual position

Teddy the dog’s usual position

Teddy the dog’s tried and true position on the coach means he’s in perfect view of my camera when I’m conducting virtual mediation. What does this mean? That there is almost always a doggy party in my sessions. He doesn’t say much and nobody has to worry about issues of confidentiality.

Teddy the dog’s expertise comes in the way he lightens the mood in what could otherwise be a tense situation. Whether I’m conducting a mediation with all parties or caucus-my clients love Teddy! He’s a mediation star. The perfect way to break the ice. They want to know all about him and sometimes share tales of their own furry companions. Of course, if I ever have any doggy adverse clients I would make other arrangements for Teddy but so far he has a perfect record.

If you would like a doggy-assisted mediation, please contact Divorce Harmony. Teddy and I will be at your bark and call.

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