Why an Uncontested Divorce Makes Financial Sense

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uncontested divorce

uncontested divorce makes financial sense


Divorce and finances go hand-in-hand. Ending a marriage is never a simple process so uncontested divorce makes financial sense. But
contrary to popular belief, breaking up doesn’t have to mean going broke. When couples can
remain civil and agree on how to divide their assets, handle custody of their children, and
spousal support, choosing an uncontested divorce can benefit everyone involved. Check out
why an uncontested divorce might be right for you as well.

An Uncontested Divorce Makes Financial Sense and Leads to Less Fighting  

uncontested divorce

Less fighting with an uncontested divorce.

If the separation is amicable, life post-divorce may be much smoother — especially if you have
children. The key to achieving this is open communication and aiming for an uncontested divorce.  If you can put any negative feelings
aside, being candid with each other will keep things productive. Discuss any debts that need to
be equitably divided and be willing to compromise to effectively resolve any disagreements.
Once the majority of issues have been agreed on, you’ll no longer need to meet in person to
hash out details. Financial matters, property disclosures, and your negotiations can be kept
private, which will help keep you on good terms.

Keep Your Finances In Order With An Uncontested Divorce

divorce and finances

Less fighting with an uncontested divorce

There is no getting around the fact that divorce costs money. And nothing runs up the tab faster
than disagreements between soon-to-be ex-spouses in court. Uncontested divorces, however,
are straightforward and make financial sense.  If your divorce is unopposed, you may not need an attorney at all. At most,
you can expect to pay filing fees for your separation.
You may even come to understand your finances better following an uncontested divorce. By
forecasting your income and expenses, you’ll be able to crunch the numbers and put together a
realistic post-divorce budget. Add an emergency fund, savings, and money for future goals like
buying your own home into your budget. Knowing how much you’ll need to live on will do two
things: It will give you a firmer stance in negotiations and make you feel in control of your fate
and finances after moving out and living on your own.

Have More Time To Enjoy Life With An Uncontested Divorce

New life after divorce

Uncontested divorce is less stressful

While there is no blueprint for a successful divorce, avoiding the courts is a surefire way to keep
costs down and stress low. If you have children, uncontested divorces often remove them from
any child support or court proceedings as well, relieving a major source of tension.
Uncontested divorces are also quick in comparison to divorces that go to trial. They can be
granted in as little as 90 days. Divorce can be an emotionally painful experience. It’s best to
avoid a drawn-out process if possible. Working through a divorce isn’t easy, but you’ll both be a lot happier if you can find a way to
settle your affairs amicably.

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