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Divorce Mediation

Why is Divorce Part of the Legal System?

As a marital and divorce mediator I deal with some of the most intimate details of a couple’s lives. Why are these very private issues sometimes subject to a legal system that has no idea what to do with them?

One of the biggest and sometimes not often discussed benefits of a mediated divorce is the rule of confidentiality. In our divorce mediations, it’s just me, and the two parties. There is no Judge, Court reporter, dueling attorneys, or random people in the courtroom listening to your very private matters.

This rule of confidentiality makes all the difference in the party’s comfort levels when trying to be open and get to an agreement. They don’t feel threatened or embarrassed.

The divorcing couple are the captains of their own ship. They have their own agency to make their own decisions and do it in a way that is comfortable and liberating. This is why we are seeing more wealthy and even famous couples go the divorce mediation route. They want their business to remain their business. It’s not for public consumption.

We can all think of instances in the tabloids where well-known couples have disaster divorces that are only compounded by their every move being recorded in every publication. This public back and forth of probable falsehoods makes for a much more contentious and costly divorce. The “he said, she said” never stops.

Divorce Mediation with Divorce Harmony

To save your sanity, protect your children, and your wallet, divorce mediation is really a great option. And just because it’s cost-effective doesn’t mean it’s just for people that can’t afford fancy lawyers. It really is the best option for most divorcing couples no matter your income. The value of having your most intimate details kept private is priceless. Here at Divorce Harmony, we pride ourselves in keeping our client’s confidence and work every day to ensure you have a smooth divorce process.


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