Online Divorce Process and What to Expect

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Divorce is never a delightful process. Even so-called amicable divorces can lead to anxiety to
varied degrees. Part of that anxiety has its roots in the conventional divorce procedure, which is
often long and expensive. At the same time, you may attempt to cut costs by doing everything
yourself, but you’ll need to get familiar with documents, court laws, and procedures. And that
can be pretty intimidating. However, if hiring an attorney is too expensive, or you don’t feel
comfortable taking the whole DIY way, there is, fortunately, an option. You could consider using
a divorce service online. Therefore, today we will discuss what to expect during your online
divorce process so you can better prepare for what’s coming.

What does an online divorce mean?

Online divorce refers to filing for divorce via the internet, in which most documentation is
completed online rather than in a courtroom or legal office. Furthermore, the required divorce
forms for your state are simple to complete using online resources. Documents are
automatically filled with the data you enter, and you can check the data for correctness before being submitted to the court. Moreover, you can finish the procedure online using the court’s
online filing system from the comfort of your home.
On the other hand, submitting a divorce application online does not guarantee that the service
provider will provide you with a documented divorce ruling. Only a judge can issue that. The
service aims to get you to the point where you can confidently approach the judge to sign a
divorce decision.

Person initiating an online divorce process on a laptop.

An online divorce process is faster and easier.

Are online divorces legitimate?

If you’re uncertain about the validity or legitimacy of online divorce, you may feel at ease
knowing that using a service to handle your divorce papers is entirely legal. The contracts are
binding when you sign them, and the court receives them. Like in any other divorce, a judge will
examine your documentation and issue a final divorce judgment.
Is online divorce a good choice?
You must have an uncontested divorce to use online divorce services, which means that you
and your spouse have reached an understanding on all matters about dissolving your marriage.
These matters include how you would split your assets and debts, whether one of you will pay spousal alimony, and if so, how much and for how long. Also, you must settle on custody and
parenting decisions and provide child support if you have minor children.
You should include your agreements in a formal divorce settlement agreement, often known as
as a marriage settlement agreement  or property settlement agreement, which will eventually be
part of your divorce decision. At the same time, you could choose divorce mediation if you wish
to file for online divorce but can’t come to an agreement with your spouse on some matters. A
skilled mediator may greatly assist in overcoming the obstacles preventing you from reaching an

A gavel used by Judges.

Divorces are never easy, but an online divorce can reduce stress.

What to expect during your online divorce process?

One individual can initiate an online divorce application as a lone applicant, or a couple can
initiate an application jointly. Other than the declaration that the marriage has irretrievably fallen
apart, they are not required to provide a cause for the divorce. However, there are some details
that you should know about as you continue with your online divorce process, such as the

How much will your virtual divorce cost?

The price of an online divorce can vary greatly depending on the services being provided by the
company, sometimes falling between a few hundred dollars and a few thousand. Even while the upper end of that price range might sound a little outrageous, it’s still far less expensive than
getting a divorce in a conventional, disputed way involving attorneys and a trial. Furthermore,
the fact that you and your spouse may divide the expense makes it less complicated.
At the same time, some online divorce firms charge monthly fees up until the divorce finalizes.
Others could have a set price that you need to pay upfront. The company website often has
information about its billing procedures, so ensure you check them before you begin the
process. Also, as addiction recovery experts at Archstone Behavioral Health advise, always
check the company you want to work with for referrals and reviews. Online frauds are
widespread, as people overlook the importance of researching the company they employ for
legal, medical, or other matters.

What’s the duration of a no court divorce?

Depending on your financial circumstances and record-keeping practices, gathering the data
you need to finish the online questionnaire may take some time. But, it often takes only an hour
or two to complete the questionnaire per se. However, the deadlines specified in your state’s
divorce laws will bind you once you submit your application. Depending on your state, it might
take weeks or even months from the time you file your divorce complaint until it finalizes.
Uncontested divorces often move through the court system more quickly, allowing you to skip
the majority of court hearings and other formalities involved with disputed divorces. Before a
court may provide a final divorce decision, however, some states impose obligatory waiting

Person signing some papers.

An online divorce can be much quicker than a traditional in-court one.

An application for divorce is rarely denied. That usually only happens if you submit misleading
or inaccurate information on your application. Or submit divorce papers without the proper
supporting documentation. A divorce may be dismissed in exceptionally rare circumstances
because it would put one spouse through unimaginable financial hardship. That is exceedingly
rare, but courts can enforce financial settlements reached by divorcing partners.
Final thoughts on what to expect during your online divorce

Eliminating many formalities in the court process can make getting a divorce online more
straightforward than a traditional uncontested divorce. It can also help prevent your divorce from
becoming an emotionally challenging experience. However, don’t hesitate to contact a divorce
mediator if you and your spouse can’t agree regarding your divorce. With their help, you can
overcome any disagreements and learn what to expect during your online divorce process once
it starts.

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